About Us

About Us

Perennial Construction is a specialty contracting company that works with property management, facility management and institutional investors in multi-family, retail and commercial real estate markets.


Safety First

Our Safety First program is more than just words – but a platform to do the very best by our employees.   We appreciate all the hard work they do on behalf of our clients and Safety First is our commitment that they get home safely at the end of each day.

The core principles of Safety First are:

  • Education
  • Proactivity
  • Consistency
  • Continual Improvement



With technology growing and innovating year on year, most industries have been affected by some sort of disruption. That paired with uncertain and complex economic times has forced businesses either to adapt, or risk failure.

The construction industry is no different and it has seen many changes, from the construction materials and methods used, to how we communicate during a project – all because of advancements in technology.

PCS is at the forefront of this evolution, bringing a millennial approach to this millennial old industry.  Sustainability and safety have led the way in many cases, but we have found that technical solutions to every step in the process can make a real benefit to our clients.   Recently we released a feature were our employee’s smart phones register their arrival/departure from a jobsite using geo-fencing technology.   Knowing exactly when they arrive (and leave) gives us additional data on productivity.     Further, our teams get their work orders through our mobile app, ensuring they are always working on the most up to date plans, while minimizing time they need to get up to full productivity each day. In a business where days can matter – knowing that each employee is where they need to be, doing what exactly what they are supposed to be doing at any given time makes a huge difference in our execution.   The helps us deliver on-time and on-budget more consistently.



Across thousands of projects, PCS has captured massive amounts of data for our clients.   Just as an example – it may seem small at first, but knowing exactly how many faucet types have been installed across your portfolio is important when it comes time to planning for maintenance or negotiating next year’s procurement needs.   The data from Insight helps reduce the dollars in on-going maintenance, lower future pricing and create brand standards.

Our data analytics platform helps clients to recognize inefficiencies and identify potential cost savings.   Using our software to execute your projects helps us to stay on schedule and deliver quality.   The added benefit is the data we collect along the way.  Over time, data on your projects becomes actionable.  Insight is our solution to help clients through continual improvement.


Core Values:

  • Continually delivering excellent results for our clients!
  • Providing a high degree of professionalism and integrity
  • Focusing on the needs and desires of our clients
  • Understanding our client’s budgetary and scheduling goals
  • Maintaining a performance-driven work environment that supports improvement, growth and achievement
  • Personal responsibility for the quality and success of each project